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AF AM 201 – Introduction to African American Studies

An interdisciplinary introduction to the study of African American culture. Includes history, the social sciences, literature, religion, and the arts, as well as conceptual frameworks for investigation and analysis of the African American experience.

AF AM/SOC 330 – Ethnic and Race Relations

Analysis of ethnic and race relations, particularly in America; emphasis on the sociology and psychology of race and ethnic relations.
Meets U.S. Diversity Requirement

AM IN 201 – Native People in American Culture

Perceptions and realities of Native people living in and responding to American society and culture. Topics include representations, contemporary Native identity, literature, the arts, history, film, and issues of diversity. Meets U.S. Diversity Requirement

AM IN 210 – The Mythic Wild West

Examination of the history of the mythic American West, including how people have thought about the region, the myths that emerged from the West, and the role the mythical West played in the formation of American identity.

HIST 370 – History of Iowa

Survey of major social, cultural and economic developments in Iowa from the late 1700s. Emphasis on minority groups, pioneer life, early economic development, industrial development, educational and religious development, and outstanding personalities.

HIST/US LS 372 – Latina/O History

Historical and cultural heritage of Latinas/os in the United States. The histories of Mexican, Puerto Rican, Cuban, and other Latin American peoples in the U.S. emphasizing political and cultural convergence and congruencies.
Meets U.S. Diversity Requirement

LD ST 322 – Leadership Styles and Strategies in a Diverse Society

Develop and practice leadership skills through understanding personal leadership styles, leadership theory and communication theory, including how they relate to gender issues and cultural diversity. Explore personality types, communication styles and leadership styles; set goals; and participate in leadership opportunities and service.
Meets U.S. Diversity Requirement

MUSIC 304 – History of American Rock and Roll

Rock ‘n’ Roll from the mid 1950s through the 1990s, focusing on the development of rock styles from its roots in blues, folk, country, and pop. Expansion of listening experience through study of song forms, musical instruments of rock, and the socio-political significance of song lyrics. Examinations, research paper or in class presentation required. Ability to read or perform music not required.
Meets U.S. Diversity Requirement

RELIG 210 – Religion in America

Introductory study of the major beliefs, practices, and institutions of American Judaism, Catholicism, Protestantism, and Islam with emphasis on the diversity of religion in America, and attention to issues of gender, race, and class.

SOC/WGS 327 – Sex and Gender in Society

How the biological fact of sex is transformed into a system of gender stratification. The demographics and social positions of women and men in the family, education, media, politics, and the economy. Theories of the social-psychological and sociological bases for behavior and attitudes of women and men. The relationship between gender, class, and race.
Meets U.S. Diversity Requirement

WGS 201 – Introduction to Women’s Studies

Introduction to the interdisciplinary field of Women’s Studies. Contemporary status of women in the U.S. and worldwide from social, economic, historical, political, philosophical and literary perspectives. Analysis of intersection of gender, race, class, and sexuality. Subject matter includes work, health, sexuality, and violence. Foundation for the other courses in the program.

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