Women’s and Gender Studies Minor

The Women’s and Gender Studies Program in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is cross-disciplinary, offering a minor in “Women’s Studies”. This program provides an opportunity for students to examine gender and women’s roles, contributions, and status in social and cultural context and to investigate a variety of disciplines from feminist perspectives.


Coursework for this program is available online and on-campus. Below are online courses available to apply toward this program. For more details on completing this program, visit the course program page and talk with your advisor.

Minor Courses Online

Core Courses

WGS 201 – Introduction to Women’s Studies
WGS 301 – International Perspectives on Women and Gender


WGS /ENV S 320 – Ecofeminism
WGS/SP CM 323 – Gender and Communication
WGS/SOC 327 – Sex and Gender in Society
WGS/LD ST 333 – Women and Leadership
WGS 385 – Women in Politics
WGS/RUS 370R – Studies in English Translation: Russian Topics on Women or Feminism
WGS 386 – History of Women in America
WGS 440 – Gender Issues in Sports
WGS 488 – Research on Women and Leadership

Women in a Line

Women’s and Gender
Studies Minor

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