Sociology Minor

The Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice offers course work leading to a minor in sociology.  Graduates understand how social institutions, communities, and organizations work and change; they can examine the causes and consequences of conformity, deviance, and inequality. They can apply sociological understanding of human behavior to practical work situations and everyday life.


Coursework for this program is available online and on-campus. Below are online courses available to apply toward this program. For more details on completing this program, visit the course program page and talk with your advisor.

Minor Courses Online

Core Courses

SOC 134 – Intro to Sociology


SOC 220 – Globalization and Sustainability
SOC 235 – Social Problems and American Values
SOC/C J 241 – Youth and Crime
SOC 305 – Social Psychology: A Sociological Perspective
SOC/W S 327 – Sex and Gender in Society
SOC/AF AM 330 – Ethnic and Race Relations
SOC 331 – Social Class and Inequality
SOC/POL S 334 – Politics and Society
SOC 340 – Deviant and Criminal Behavior
SOC/C J 341 – Criminology

Large Group of People

Sociology Minor

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