Psychology Minor

Psychology is present in nearly every aspect of people’s lives. Add value to your current major or simply explore the fascinating world of psychology by earning a minor with online classes.

Online classes are easy to fit into your schedule and are taught by the same faculty as the psychology classes taught on-campus.


Coursework for this program is available online and on-campus. Below are online courses available to apply toward this program. For more details on completing this program, visit the course program page and talk with your advisor.


Minor Courses Online

Core Courses

PSYCH 101 – Introductory Psychology
PSYCH 301 – Research Design & Methodology


PSYCH 230 – Developmental Psychology
PSYCH 280 – Social Psychology
PSYCH 386 – Media Psychology
PSYCH 460 – Abnormal Psychology

Sociology Minor

Check out the complete details for the Psychology Minor.

Talk to your Advisor for how a Sociology Minor might be an option for you!