Political Science Minor

The study of political science is designed to enable students to understand the nature of politics, public values, and the institutions and processes of politics in their various forms.


Coursework for this program is available online and on-campus. Below are online courses available to apply toward this program. For more details on completing this program, visit the course program page and talk with your advisor.

Minor Courses Online


POL S 215 – Introduction to American Government
POL S 241 – Intro to Comparative Government and Politics
POL S 310 – State and Local Government
POL S 312 – Special Topics in American Government and Politics
POL S 315 – Special Topics in International Relations
POL S/SOC 334 – Politics and Society
POL S 358 – United States Foreign Policy
POL S 385 – Women in Politics
POL S 477 – Government, Business and Society


Political Science Minor

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