Criminal Justice Studies Minor

The Criminal Justice Studies minor offers an opportunity for students to learn about the components of the criminal and juvenile justice systems, to become acquainted with the issues and problems affecting these systems, to apply theoretical concepts to real world problems, and to plan a career in the criminal justice field.


Coursework for this program is available online and on-campus. Below are online courses available to apply toward this program. For more details on completing this program, visit the course program page and talk with your advisor.


Minor Courses Online

Core Courses

CJ St 240 – Introduction to the U.S. Criminal Justice System
CJ ST/SOC 241 – Youth and Crime 
CJ ST/SOC 341 – Criminology
CJ ST/SOC 352 – Punishment Corrections and Society
CJ ST 403 – Criminal Offenders


Judge Gavel and Scale of Justice

Criminal Justice Minor

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