Social Sciences

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ANTHR 201 – Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

Comparative study of culture as key to understanding human behaviors in different societies. Using a global, cross-cultural perspective, patterns of family life, economic and political activities, religious beliefs, and the ways in which cultures change are examined.

CJ ST 240 – Introduction to the U.S. Criminal Justice System

Provides systematic overview of law, police organization and behavior, prosecution and defense, sentencing, the judiciary, community corrections, penology, and capital punishment. The course demonstrates the role of discretion in all of these agencies as well as the sociological influences of age, race, gender, and social class on criminal justice system processes.

CJ ST 241 – Youth and Crime

An examination of delinquency that focuses on the relationship between youth as victims and as offenders, social and etiological features of delinquency, the role of the criminal justice system, delinquents’ rights, and traditional and alternative ways of dealing with juvenile crime.

CJ ST 340 – Deviant and Criminal Behavior

Theory and research on the etiology of types of social deviance; issues relating to crime, antisocial behavior and social policies designed to control deviant behavior.

CJ ST 341 – Criminology

The nature of crime and criminology; the concept of crime; statistics and theories of criminality; major forms of crime; official responses to crime and control of crime.

ECON 101 – Principles of Microeconomics

Resource allocation, opportunity cost, comparative and absolute advantage. Supply and demand. Marginal analysis. Theories of production and consumption, pricing, and the market system. Perfect and imperfect competition and strategic behavior. Factor markets. Present discounted value.

ECON 102 – Principles of Macroeconomics

Measurement of macro variables and general macro identities. Classical models of full employment. Production and growth. Savings and investment. Employment and unemployment. Money, inflation, and price levels. Operation of the U.S. banking system. Fiscal and monetary policy. Elements of international finance.

INTST 235 – Introduction to International Studies

Overview of international studies, emphasizing cultural, geographic, economic, and political characteristics of major world areas and nations.

JL MC 474 – Communication Technology and Social Change

Examination of historical and current communication technologies, including how they shape and are shaped by the cultural and social practices into which they are introduced. Meets International Perspectives Requirement.

POL S 215 – Introduction to American Government

Fundamentals of American democracy; constitutionalism; federalism; rights and duties of citizens; executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government; elections, public opinion, interest groups, and political parties.

PSYCH 230 – Developmental Psychology

Life-span development of physical traits, cognition, intelligence, language, social and emotional behavior, personality, and adjustment.

PSYCH 386 – Media Psychology

Theories and research on the psychological mechanisms (e.g., attitudes, perceptions, emotions, arousal) by which media influence children and adults. Topics include media violence, educational media, advertising, music, video games, media literacy, and ratings.

SOC 134 – Introduction to Sociology

Social interaction and group behavior with emphasis on the scientific study of contemporary U.S. society, including issues relating to socialization, inequality, and changing rural and urban communities. Analysis of relationships among the institutions of family, religion, political participation, work, and leisure.

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