International Perspectives

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ANTHR 201 – Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

Comparative study of culture as key to understanding human behaviors in different societies. Using a global, cross-cultural perspective, patterns of family life, economic and political activities, religious beliefs, and the ways in which cultures change are examined.

CL ST 273 – Greek and Roman Mythology

Survey of the legends, myths of the classical world with emphasis on the principal gods, and heroes, and their relation to ancient social, psychological, and religious practices; some attention may be given to important modern theories.

CL ST 369X – Ancient Egypt

Archaeology and culture of Ancient Egypt from prehistory to Late Antiquity. Exploration of literature, religion, social history, government, and architecture. Discussion of major archaeological sites and methods; examination of interaction with other ancient near eastern and Mediterranean civilizations.

INTST 235 – Introduction to International Studies

Overview of international studies, emphasizing cultural, geographic, economic, and political characteristics of major world areas and nations.

JL MC 474 – Communication Technology and Social Change

Examination of historical and current communication technologies, including how they shape and are shaped by the cultural and social practices into which they are introduced. Meets International Perspectives Requirement.

MUSIC 102 – Introduction to Music Learning

Expansion of the music listening experiences for the general student through greater awareness of differences in techniques of listening, performance media, and materials of the art. The course focuses on the elements of music: rhythm, melody, harmony, form, and style, and how these elements are used in musics of different cultures and time periods. Ability to read or perform music not required.

RELIG 205 – Introduction to World Religions

An introduction to the academic study of religions, including myths, beliefs, rituals, values and social forms. Examples chosen from oral cultures and major religions of the world.

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