Degree Completion Program


Sometimes life gets in the way of completing a bachelor’s degree.

While an unexpected event or a change in circumstances may have led you to put your education on hold, now may be the perfect time to finish your degree.

Iowa State is partnering with the Institute for Higher Education Policy (IHEP) to connect with former students who are close to finishing all requirements to earn their bachelor’s degree. Some courses can be taken online, while others could be taken in person or even at another institution and transferred back to Iowa State to satisfy remaining degree requirements.

For students in this program who have fewer than thirty credits remaining, Iowa State has created a grant program to help. Until the grant funding runs out, Iowa State will help students jumpstart their return by paying all tuition and fees associated with the first course a student takes upon their return to the university! After that, Iowa State will pay half of the tuition and fees for all remaining coursework at Iowa State until the student earns their bachelor’s degree.

Are you ready to earn your degree and join our great and growing Cyclone Alumni Family? Please use the form below to request additional information!

  • Approximately how many credits did you receive from a previous college?


Callie Morrow
BLS Academic Advisor